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The next level flicking game from the creators of ICECOOL. PLEASE NOTE: We currently don't have shipping & VAT/tax prices entered for physical rewards in BackerKit. We plan to wait until closer to fulfillment to enter & charge you for the physical items to get the most accurate/fair fulfillment prices. We will update backers after entering those shipping prices & VAT/tax before we charge you in BackerKit. For estimate shipping fees, please visit Iron Forest Kickstarter page.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Pledge manager launching next week!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 07, 2022 at 11:42:57 PM

Hello friends!

We have been working hard on launching the pledge manager and putting finishing touches on the development.

Pledge manager will be live by the end of next week, and we will keep you posted on development side of things once we are live.

Happy flicking!

- Iron Forest team

almost 2 years ago – Sat, Mar 05, 2022 at 05:08:53 PM

What an adventure! Thank you everyone!

From all of our team, a huge thanks to each one of you for making this happen❤️ And a very special thanks goes to our super-fans-commentators for such an amazing involvement and support, you have been absolutely fantastic and your comments have made Agnese and Jānis go ''awww'' so many times during the campaign.

We thought that now would be the right time to introduce you to the team behind this project and who are these people posting updates and commenting...

It’s pretty much impossible to create a game on your own, especially when it comes to something that’s as intensive as Iron Forest. However, we never realized quite how far the tendrils of creation would reach when we began the process! For those who are unaware, Brian Gomez isn’t a single person - it’s the collective name for the four game designers responsible for pulling Iron Forest together, Jānis Grunte (also the person who has been replying to all your comments), Reinis Butāns, Edgars Zaķis and Egils Grasmanis. Alongside these four, we also have Reinis Pētersons, the incredible artist who gives Iron Forest its truly unique look, creating everything from the mechas you see on the front cover to the stunning work that adorns the various boxes making up the play area. And of course, these are the same people behind ICECOOL and many other Brain Games games.

Everyone brings their own skills and talents to a project like this, and no-one so far was able to bring the concept of a launcher to life; that was down to the amazing work of Juris Kļava, Andris Fišers and David Yakos. Trying to wrangle all of this together was the patient Project Management, Agnese Freimane, whose ability to coordinate everything together and get us to this point is still incredible. Michael Fox came on board to help with everything from Kickstarter management to rulebook writing. All the visuals you see on the page are a work of our designers and 3D designers Jānis Upītis, Oskars Veilands and Uģis Albiņš who we have to thank for their patience with our countless changes and adjustments throughout the preparation. Huge thanks to our good friend Jānis Tilaks for creating all the Iron Forest videos, one of the easiest persons to work with ever, as well as our social media manager Elīna Grunte.  As this was our first Kickstarter, a big thanks to Very Creative Name and Backerkit for help with marketing and questions we had along the way.

The list goes on, and we haven’t even mentioned the countless people who playtested Iron Forest for us, both in-house and in public. Add to this the huge amount of folks who met us at shows across the world to see the game in its various iterations, and Iron Forest is certainly the product of a spectacularly talented group of people. 

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has supported us so far with Iron Forest - your made it happen!


Next week we will start setting up the Pledge Manager which will take a few weeks, and right before it is ready to go, we will let you know. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to write us and we will get back to you. 

You, as well as us, are still super excited about the stretch goals that we did not reach so we will look into ways of bringing them to you as an optional buy (thanks to our backers for the suggestion) or some other way.

Happy flicking, have a great weekend and stay safe!

- Iron Forest team

P.S. A little reminder to those of you that did not see our early update - don't forget to sign up to Iron Forest newsletter here if you wish to receive an exclusive enamel BBIT pin along with your game.  You have to get in there before we launch the pledge manager (we will update you couple of days before the deadline) so that we can cross-check your data when we enter it in the PM. Look how cool it will be, BBIT in full glory!

$155 unlocked and new animal mecha spotted!
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Mar 05, 2022 at 01:17:18 PM

Hello friends,

...aaaand $155K reached!

As with most scenarios, accurate flicks and skillful control of your mechas will be vital if you are to be successful and claim the victory for your side. But in this scenario you will also have to be skillful at flicking or launching dice at the opposing teams mechas to deplete their shields. 

Final hours and final stretch goal!

We gathered all your suggestions for an animal mecha and polar bear (or bear) was mentioned the most, so we went for it! And it will be our final stretch goal,  NEW MINI EXPENSION with POLAR BEAR MECHA at $200K. It has been an amazing journey together with you all, so let's push until the end and spread the word so that each one of you can get this cute mecha.

Overview of Iron Forest in Spanish!

Last but not least, here's an overview of Iron Forest from Análisis-Parálisis (Sergio Vaquero), and this is for our Spanish speaking friends and fans! 

Happy flicking!

- Iron Forest team

Going solo and Penguin votes are in!
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Mar 05, 2022 at 02:23:35 AM

Hello friends,

$150K reached and Solo mode unlocked!

We are happy to announce that you have unlocked the Solo mode and it will be added to every game of Iron Forest. In this mode you can enjoy the game on your own! Pick a scenario, choose which team you want to play, and for the other team you will use the corresponding solo card, which will instruct you on what and how the other team behave on their turns.

You have voted!

In this update we asked you to vote on the Penguin mecha sketch that you'd like to see in a stretch goal. Votes have been counted - it was a close call between B (30) and C (29)! So the winner is:

In PENGUIN MECHA mini expansion this little tank will mess with the plans of both teams and one of them will have to stop this crazy little mecha. Or maybe both of them? This stretch goal will be unlocked at $185K, let's make this happen before the end of campaign!

Happy flicking!

- Iron Forest team

Founders of the Iron Forest city - you!
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Mar 03, 2022 at 05:03:52 AM

Hello friends,

Thank you all for being in this adventure together with us! As this is our very first Kickstarter project, we would like to do something special and add all our backers' names (if you pledged $1 and later upgraded in pledge manager, your name will also be added) on the side of the lower half of the game box. 

We will take your names during the pledge manager and further information will follow after the campaign.

Iron Forest backers- founders of the antient city of the Iron Forest 

Did you know that the designers and the artist of the game are from Latvia? And here in Latvia we really enjoy all things escape room! We are always looking for new and exciting games in this genre for our sister company stores in the Baltics, so we wanted to share with you a new game we found on Kickstarter that looks to be pretty awesome.

Kalinasu: Immersive Adventure Escape Game

An Escape Game in a Box that makes you feel like a real Treasure Hunter. Kalinasu mixes puzzles, narrative, and technology to immerse you in a challenging adventure so carefully designed that it may be impossible for you to distinguish reality from fiction. CLICK HERE and learn more!

Happy flicking!

- Iron Forest team